• Start with Users in Mind

    We are dedicated to developing products that align with user needs as well as business goals; capable of ensuring that strong branding and esthetic appeal coexists with relevant usability. We deliver this through our User Experience practice.

    Our User Experience (UX) team is a multidisciplinary team, with experts from the fields of graphic design, art, technology, cognitive sciences and business. The UX team ensures a captivating user experience by fusing its expertise in visual design and branding with its expertise in usability, user research, and information architecture.

    Starting from domain research and user studies, we work closely with the customer to develop concepts. We identify opportunities by studying people’s behavior, needs and expectations. These concepts are detailed to specify information flows, interaction paradigms and interface designs.

  • Iterate to Accommodate

    We use an iterative approach to software creation. Iterative development ensures that new or modified functionality or design requirements can be accommodated; allowing for greater refinement of the systems capabilities before the product is launched to the market place.

    Iterative development is incremental which allows developers to learn about the software as they are developing and allows internal and external customers to interact with the product and provide feedback on the features before the product is released. This minimizes risk of launching a failed product by ensuring that the product meets customer needs and works as anticipated, every time.

    The final iterations prior to product launch include time for quality assurance testing and stabilization. This ensures only robust, bug-free products are launched, upholding customer expectations and company reputations.

  • Focus on Commercialization

    At Newport Avenue, our focus is on commercialization: taking ideas, technology and prototypes to market. Our end-to-end approach allows us to build out an entire concept from the user interface to supporting the back end systems, resulting in rapid delivery of products on time and in budget.

    We have built solutions and supported product launches that ranged from focused customer / local market to massive distribution / global market. We have additionally supported several of our corporate clients during market release and subsequent product upgrades.